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The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

A wonderful book (no words, all illustrations) and a magical animated film. The music will transport you, and the story will bring you back to Christmases of your childhood. Great for adults as well as children. DON'T MISS IT!

Everyone has their own favorite Christmas movies and music that help boost the Christmas spirit and get us in the mood to celebrate! On this page, I will list my favorites and recommendations for you to try. Click on titles or CD images for more info on each one!


It's a Wonderful Life with James Stewart

My fave, fave, fave Christmas movie! Stewart is superb in this classic Christmas story that is guaranteed to make you cry with joy at the end. If you've not seen it, DO IT!

Coventry Carol/ Freeplay Music

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 Christmas Music
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(Some of my older faves first):

The Nutcracker Ballet
by Tchaikovsky

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Traditional Christmas Ballet, The Nutcracker, by Peter Illlych Tchaikovsky. Delightfully fanciful music, makes you want to dance!!

A Charlie Brown Christmas / Soundtrack
by Vince Guaraldi Trio

This is the soundtrack to the much-loved Charlie Brown Christmas special! Fabulous jazzy piano with the whimsical tunes from the show.

Biltmore Estate Christmas
by various artists

This CD is no longer in print, but it is still available from various sellers. It is a lovely compilation of traditional Christmas tunes, uniquely performed. Very elegant!

The Christmas Concert with the St. Paul's Chorale/Live

This CD  is also out of print, but a few sellers have it. It is a live recording of the St. Paul's chorale, singing many traditional carols.

Christmas Ivory
by Dave McKenna

This legendary jazz pianist plays some swingin' versions of delightful Christmas tunes on this, one of my favorite Christmas CDs ever!

Christmas in the Aire
by Mannheim Steamroller

I just love Mannheim Steamroller for fabulous Christmas music! I have all of their many Christmas CDs, and enjoy them so much. They use a wide variety of instruments and choral arrangements to bring new life to old favorites.

Let it Snow!
by Sally Harmon

Wonderful piano arrangements of well-known and less well-known Christmas tunes, played with a flair. Very cheerful and full of holiday spirit. (This CD also has a beautiful version of "Walking in the Air", playing on this page.)

More of my Favorites:

Late Night Christmas
by Scott Hamiilton

This is a collection of cool jazz versions of Christmas tunes, perfect for a quiet dinner or snuggling by the fire! Scott Hamilton's sax will both calm and cheer you on those cold December nights.

Cape Cod Christmastime and
One More Christmas
by Bob Thacher

Gotta plug my cousin's terrific Christmas songs, recorded in 1984.
Click on titles to hear songs! (turn off music above) If you're interested in obtaining the CD (just these 2 songs on it) - click on title here:

Cape Cod Christmastime

Windham Hill Christmas: The Night Before Christmas
by Windham Hill

This is a peaceful, relaxing collection of beautiful Christmas music instrumentals. If you're looking for mellow, this would be it!

The Christmas Album
by Pasadena Roof Orchestra

If you've never heard of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, definitely check them out! Their music is a mixture of old-time jazz and big band, and features both instrumentals and singing. Their Christmas CD is fantastic! 

 Christmas Movies
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This is definitely my second favorite Christmas movie of all time! A rollicking musical version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, this movie is amazing in its detail of the Victorian England. Albert Finney is brilliant as both younger and older Ebenezer Scrooge, and the you'll be humming the musical numbers for days, many of which are wonderfully elaborate and beautifully choreographed. Can't say enough about this treasure! If you don't have it, GET IT!

Miracle on 34th Street

A Christmas classic that cannot be missed! Natalie Wood is adorable in this heartwarming film about the "real" Santa Claus. It will have you believing all over again. Should be in every Christmas movies collection, without a doubt!

The Homecoming

Okay, so I'm sentimental! This movie is one of my favorites, because it brings us back to a simpler time in America. It may be hokey, but I watch this film every year and love it. It was the pilot for the TV show The Waltons, and tells the story of one Christmas Eve in the midst of depression era Virginia. Homey and sweet, this is great for family viewing.

A Christmas Carol

George C. Scott plays a wonderfully nasty Ebenezer Scrooge in this, the best of the newer adaptations of A Christmas Carol. (Can you tell I like this story?) The old black & white versions are classic, of course, but I like this one second best after the musical "Scrooge".

A Christmas Story

If you want a funny Christmas movie, this would be it. Nostalgic and hilarious at the same time, this movie will have you rolling on the floor with extreme holiday cheer! If it's not already a family favorite with you, it will be.


A silly Christmas favorite, guaranteed to make you laugh. This is another one to add to your "funny" Christmas movies collection. Watch it when the stress of the season is getting to you!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Probably the most classic of the animated Christmas classics! Can't miss the Grinch and his evil ways, turned around by the magic of Christmas! Dr. Seuss is, of course, unbeatable with his unique illustrations and entertaining rhyming story. If this is not in your collection, it should be!

A Charlie Brown Christmas (Remastered Deluxe Edition)

Classic and funny, this Charles Schultz masterpiece ought to be in everyone's Christmas DVD collection. Search for the perfect Christmas tree with dear old Charlie Brown!

The Nativity Story

This re-telling of the Christmas story is particularly well done, with believable characters and a story that illustrates the brutal times into which Jesus was born. The young woman who plays Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes) is both frightened and serene in her portrayal, and Joseph is steady and loving. If you don't have a tear in your eye when the baby is born, you have ice water in your veins! Share this one with your children.

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